Gosh Darn Dirty Ape

July 1st, 2010 Posted in Rants

Hi!  My name is Timmy Cherry Topping and I live in the sweet land of the Kandy Kingdom, where Kandy is Kandy and lizards and apes run scared.  I should know, as I have caused a stink’n lizard or two and at least one gosh darn dirty ape to turn tail after I pounded some sense into them.  Some say the only reason us cupcakes are the front line of fight’n is because there are so many of us, that we are cheap and tasty.  But I say no sir-ee that’s just not right.  We cupcakes are scrappers!  Why just the other day I knocked the pudding out of Congo Jimmy his self when he dared set foot on our land.  There is not-a-thing worse than giant ape feet in your sugar coating!  Yeah, some say I simply fell off the cone tower and got frosting in his eye while Z-Nut, the Tamale Bandit and Wax Lips chased him off with hard-candy bullets.  Those that say so are two-topping liars!  Cross my sprinkles and hope to stale I was the one that gave that big ape pause and if it had not been for my quick thinking we would all just be monkey poop!



  1. Mel says:

    Way to go Timmy! Un-leash that can of whip(cream)a**!

  2. Yomama says:

    Curiouser and curiouser – wait, is that even a word?! The complexity and the fearfulosity of the entire situation are driving me over the edge with anticipationosity for the next thrilling chapter! Here I go….

  3. Liz says:

    I am weak in the knees for scrappin’ cupcakes! A sugar high and attitude, in one little tiny pleated paper wrapper!!! Mmmmm, be still my beating heart!

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