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Contest: Design the Leader of The Tomorrow Bots!

07 Mar

In anticipation of our upcoming campaign release, The Tomorrow Bots! in Everybody Hates Ben Franklin, we have decided to host a contest open to the public for creating the leader of our new robotic faction!

As an entrant in this contest you must invent a robot leader for the Trouble In Tin Town faction called The Tomorrow Bots! This blog entry contains information about the Tomorrow Bots that will greatly improve your chances of creating a winning idea.

The winner will receive a copy of the final concept art for the Tomorrow Bots leader signed by the development team as well as special recognition in the release featuring the new content. A special credits screen will be created for the winner as well as his or her name mentioned in the campaign story.

To enter the contest, join the Jovian Minds Facebook page at:

Now, read on for more information about this plucky little set of hero bots.

The Tomorrow Bots!

Robots from the future to fight the past to protect the present!

The Tomorrow Bots are a slap-dash super hero team from the future. A time crisis erupted in the labs of Dr. Atomica, the greatest scientific mind of the 25th century. The catastrophe was so sudden and so frightening, the only solution was to grab every available robot within a short distance, augment them with weapons and send them back in time to fight the chronological chaos.

The above is the basic premise for the Tomorrow Bots faction. The Tomorrow Bots! in Tin Town are actually promotional toys from a series of movies in the 1950s. Some of the more popular movies featured the evil Slimicles, time traveling creatures from the dawn of time. The top grossing movie being They Came From The Primordial Ooze.  Another popular movie involved the team battling Baron von Onschlocker and his army of super marsupials.

Of course, the 1950s vision of the future turned out to be woefully inaccurate and the other Tin Town Toys take delight in pointing this out when ever they can, which annoys the bots to no end.

The Tomorrow Bots cast is as follows:

Vendor – The Helpful Vending Machine

Sparky – The Paperbot

Molly Lovebuckets – Robot Maid

Tess – Telephone Operator, aka TOTs

Phil – The Flying Car Pilot

Galen – The Medieval Tour Guide

Clark Cable – Actor Bot Extraordinaire

The leader of the Tomorrow Bots needs to be a charismatic, yet quirky leader that fits within the setting described above. If he can go toe-to-toe with an axe wielding Abraham Lincoln then there is a good chance you have a winner.

Good luck!

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Poe-try in Motion

15 Sep

We are very excited about some of our Historical Figure toys and Edgar Allan Poe is definitely a group favorite. Here he is depicted traipsing through a cemetery and giving us the kind of sneer only a literary genius could pull off.

Poe will be a powerful “special” with some very unique weaponry such as the Nevermore Gun which shoots ravens and the Tell-Tale Heart Attack that drives opponents mad with fear.

Poe enjoying a midnight romp in the Tin Town cemetery.

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Legendary Acting Bot Clark Cable

03 Aug

Today we introduce a toy from the Tomorrow Bots faction. Clark Cable, an acting bot who studied under the great Acting Unit 3, one of the inventors of Scientific Method Acting, is a bot of many talents and a hit with all the fembots. After his Oz-K4r winning portrayal of Abacus Finch in To Delete a Mockingbird he was recruited by Doctor Atomica to travel back in time to save the world.  Now he must prepare for his greatest performance, saving the past, or our future.  It is all very confusing.

Clark Cable, Acting Bot extraordinaire.


Introducing King Kandyheart

26 Jul

One of the four factions in Trouble In Tin Town is the Kandy Kingdom. The Kandy Kingdom is a promotional toy set that was released by an unconventional candy company called Krazy Kandy Inc. Their byline was Our Kandy will make you KRA-A-Zee! The toys were based on popular sweets and treats of the time such as Z-Nut and Waxee Lips. For today’s blog we are introducing King Kandyheart, ruler of the realm. He is composed of many different kinds of sweets. Can you identify them all?

King Kandyheart, the ruler of the Kandy Kingdom


Initial style concept for Trouble in Tin Town

20 Jul

This illustration was our first style concept for Trouble In Tin Town. Included are two factions, the Kandy Kingdom and the Best Forgotten Island. Units for the Kandy Kingdom are the Cupcake Brawlers, Candy Cane Gunners, and Cheeps (Chicks and Bunnies). For the Best Forgotten Island there is Finneas T. Rex and a couple of Zillamites.

Best Forgotten Island vs Kandy Kingdom

Best Forgotten Island attacks the Kandy Kingdom

Trouble In Tin Town is at heart a Turn Based Strategy game with “castle” destruction as the primary goal. The Kandy Kingdom castle and the Best Forgotten Island temple are illustrated in the concept. In game, the castle is where units would be purchased and set into play.

The game has come a long way from its original inception, which was named Boom Klang. The primary game-play in Boom Klang had been inspired by the old pen-and-paper tank games and featured windup toy robots and lizards inspired by 50’s wind-up toys.  While this idea seemed good we feel that it has evolved into something much more interesting and we are very excited about where it is now.

Soon we will be posting more concept art, including designs for the different characters from the four factions as well as more information about the game. Look forward to learning more about the Historicals, the Kandy Kingdom, the Tomorrow Bots, the Best Forgotten Island and why there is trouble in Tin Town.

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